On Campus Classes at CMC deliver an education highly responsive to individual needs. Pupils receive more immediate and tailored feedback on their progress.

We consider the size of CMC classes intrinsic to who we are and to our vision, and to our capacity to maintain an alternative learning culture. Wherever possible, we aim to limit class sizes to 18 students.

In the On Campus classes, our relatively small size as a whole and our small numbers in each class, mean every individual is noticed, every child belongs. No child is labelled or lost in the crowd. It is our hope that future reports will likely say…. ‘Relationships are strong, respectful and trusting…teachers know their pupils exceptionally well.’

Such conditions make it possible for pupils to concentrate effectively upon their work, thus nurturing one of the most important skills a learner can possess, the habit of attention. In our Primary year levels our lessons are relatively short, and we aim to keep the pace up. Such intellectual stimulation is central to making the learning experience enjoyable.

Small classes also mean we are uniquely well placed to provide effective pastoral care. Because teachers know their pupils so well, they are more closely aware of the relational dynamics between pupils and can more readily intervene if difficulties arise.

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Distance Education is a formal educational program accessed through a registered school. Students and Parents are responsible to engage with the provided program and return completed learning activities as directed by the teacher.

In Charlotte Mason College Distance Education, students are part of a community of learners. Students submit regular tasks as directed and are able to attend online classes to interact directly with teaching staff to build a broader understanding of the topics being covered, and to connect with their peers across Queensland. All instructional resources are packaged and delivered to our DE families at the beginning of each term including workbooks, textbooks, literature, and other helpful inclusions. Digital copies of the lessons and learning activities are also available to all students via our online learning management system.

In addition to our regular weekly lessons, CMC now offers our Distance Education students the opportunity to attend RAD – our Regional Activity Days.

RAD is offered at locations throughout Queensland to allow all our students and parents to connect with teachers and other families who live in their area. RAD is suitable for all ages and is a wonderful opportunity to explore the world through group activities, games, excursions, camps, nature studies, and more. As parents, students, and teachers attend RAD together in a relaxed environment outside the pressures of formal study, our CMC community is further strengthened under a common love of learning, exploring, and sharing wonder for the beauty of God’s creation.

Distance Education through CMC provides the level of accountability, resourcing and extra support services that many families are looking for.

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CMC loves to see that students are active, contributing members of their communities. Even more importantly, they love to see students who are developing their talents and passions. At CMC our extra-curricular programs include: camps, celebrations, ‘ALL IN’ family excursions, College musicals, dances & festivals. At CMC we enjoy celebrating and have a love for the outdoors.

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