Each year, the college performs a musical for the community. This involves students across both the On Campus and Distance Education campuses. Over the course of a few months, students will work on their acting and performing skills, including a musical intensive week, to bring top quality performance to the stage.


College excursions are offered as part of our On Campus educational program. They are designed to support Curriculum Programs and subsequently your child will be participating in relevant classroom activities before and after the activity. These real life experiences provide opportunity for students to have an appreciation and deeper understanding of God’s creation and the world from a biblical worldview.


School camps are a very important part of the education of our students. Through camping students develop deeper friendships, learn through challenges and develop character.

Festivals and Celebrations

At Charlotte Mason College, we strive to celebrate the different cultures that make up our college. We believe cultural experiences are a means of enriching the spiritual and aesthetic dimensions of life, while bringing a period of history to life with hands-on learning. Events will be published in our calendar.