Camp is offered as part of our educational program at CMC. Camp provides children with a community of caring mentors who provide experiential education that leads to self-respect and appreciation for life. All of the outcomes—friendships, overcoming challenges, staying healthy and building character— prepare our students for bigger, brighter lives down the road. In addition to great friendships and enduring memories, many important life skills are learned at camp. Every effort is made to keep camp expenses to a minimum. Camp fosters courage, team work, leadership skills, independence, social skills, communication, appropriate risk taking and builds character. It is a highly valuable experience. Advanced payment schemes will be available from the office to assist in payment of camp fees. From 2019, participation in camps and excursions are compulsory for On Campus students as there will not be available staff for supervision at the College.

Upper Primary (Grade 4-6)
Camping experience at CMC including an overnight sleep over at our Kallangur Campus – Term 4
Students will arrive at lunch time on day one and stay overnight and leave at lunch time the following day.

High School (Grade 7-10)
Each year in Term 3 ALL our year 7-10 School students (including DE, OC & FL) are offered to attend our College camp. We attend the Emu Gully Camping Centre at the Helidon Campus. The activities at Helidon are purpose built for developing teamwork and leadership qualities and are typically based around epic events in our history. The Helidon program is seen by CMC as an important element of their education.

From 2019 onwards (if we have enough participation) we will hold a separate Middle School and High School camp.


On Campus Student College Excursions
College excursions are offered as part of our educational program. They are designed to support Curriculum Programs and subsequently your child will be participating in relevant classroom activities before and after the activity. Flexible Learning students will be invited to attend if the excursion is part of their normal weekly enrolled On Campus days. Before students attend an excursion, information will go home to parents requesting permission be given. Every effort is made to keep excursion expenses to a minimum.

Nature Study Walks
Charlotte Mason philosophy believes that every child has an innate interest in nature, but it is the parents’ responsibility to encourage it. Otherwise it will be lost as the child matures into adulthood.
Charlotte Mason called it an evil “that children get their knowledge of natural history, like all their knowledge, at second hand.” Instead, she advised children learn of nature first hand with extended personal experiences. She suggested time outdoors every day. At CMC we take this seriously and children often spend time outdoors.

Regularly our students are taken on ‘Nature Study Walks’. These walks are part of our On Campus curriculum and enrolling as an On Campus or Flexible Learning student at CMC is seen as acceptance that these walks will take place regularly during school time. At all times a teacher is with and responsible for the students and appropriate measures of ‘Duty of Care’ and ‘Risk Management’ are in place.

‘ALL IN’ Excursions
CMC often organises ‘all in’ College community excursions. An ‘all in’ excursion is one that all our DE, OC and FL students and their families are invited to attend. Parents or carers attend these excursions with their children and we make a great day of connecting as a community together. If the excursion is held on a school day, and your child is enrolled On Campus normally that day, then the parent does not have to attend, although you are invited and most welcome. All DE parents must attend with their children and FL parents of students not normally enrolled into On Campus studies that day must also attend. These excursions are always a fantastic experience and a great connection for us all as a ‘whole’ College community.

*Inclusion in non-compulsory camps or excursions is by application and at the discretion of the Principal. Criteria for inclusion include but are not limited to, behaviour and payment of College fees. All camps and excursions will be prepared, managed, supervised and monitored in a way that seeks to ensure the health, safety and security of the participating students and staff, as well as others who may be affected by the conduct of an excursion.


Cultural Festivals and Celebrations
At Charlotte Mason College, we value cultural experiences as a means of enriching the spiritual and aesthetic dimensions of life, while bringing a period of history to life with hands-on learning.

We often round off a period of history studies with a special event, such as a Passover Feast, Roman Feast, Medieval or Elizabethan Feast, or Spring Festival. At these special events the children dress-up and prepare the food and entertainment according to the era or season. Other celebrations and special events may include Easter, Anzac, Armistice, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Staff Inauguration, Formal and Graduation Day.

Spiritual Formation
While we are not bound by mere tradition, we are exploring the great formative value in children’s characterthrough the use of ritual, traditions, and habitual practices that, over time, will become the Charlotte Mason Way. Examples of this include how CMC staff start each morning with a transformative Scripture reflectiontime and praying for the students and parents. The students’ mornings also begin with a time of reflection andChristian worship (shared stories, Scriptures, songs and prayer). A Christian worldview infuses all subject areas where appropriate.

Festival and College Event Protocol
Teachers, children, and staff of Charlotte Mason College put many weeks of preparation into the planning and rehearsals for events and festivals. It is important that the parent community support the spirit of these times by following these protocols:

  • Children not under the direct supervision of a teacher must remain with their parent/guardian.
  • If you wish to chat during the performances, please remove yourself and have your conversation elsewhere.
  • If babies or younger siblings become upset, we would appreciate you temporarily leave the performance area to settle them. The stage or performance area is strictly out of bounds for young children.
  • College policies, including the Positive Behaviour Management Policy, apply to the school children of CMC at these times.
  • If you require assistance or help during the event, approach a staff member for help.
  • Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are banned on the College site.
  • If a risk situation occurs, the College staff will act in accordance with College policies.