The QLD department of Education and Training defines the term as follows:

With distance education, a parent enrols their child in a school of distance education and a school program is provided by that school for the child. Teachers are available to help monitor the child’s learning, and a teacher from the school prepares progress reports about the child. The parent is the supervisor or home tutor to the child within their home. There are state schools and accredited non-state schools of distance education.

Charlotte Mason College provides full-service education support for Distance Education students and their parents, as well as On Campus classrooms for Preparatory/Foundation to Year 10. Our Distance Education students are usually learning at home, and supervised by a parent, governess or tutor.

Depending on availability of class numbers, students may book into the Campus Enrichment Program (CEP). CEP is held each Thursday at the Kallangur campus, where students can participate in activities such as Musical Theatre, Sports and Games, Art and Crafts, Science experiments, etc, while parents attend training sessions in Parenting and CM teaching methods.

Distance Education Enrolment Procedure

Step 1. Enrolment Application sent into College
Step 2. If enrolment accepted: Enrolment information sent to College accounts for enrolment fee to be paid and fee payment plan set up. (please note enrolment is only confirmed after enrolment fee is paid)
Step 3. Enrolment confirmation pack forwarded to new family
Step 4. Your curriculum resources will be sent to you
Step 5. DE Learning Advisor/ Teacher contacts family to discuss curriculum and Learning Plan for newly enrolled students
Step 7. The CMC learning journey begins


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