The CMC program is constantly refining Australian Curriculum content into a feast of living books, cultural artworks and ideas to provide the mental food-for-thought that will nourish your child’s mind and heart. The CMC Program is a Christian Classical Liberal Arts Education. As such, it is a broad general and cultural education that does not stream students in a narrowly focused way. We are looking to develop the whole person, and help the student prepare for life and for many varied opportunities in the future.


  • Biblical worldview focus

  • Charlotte Mason methods for learning used

  • Dedicated curriculum team who write units with teaching staff

  • Fully covers the Australian Curriculum

  • Working towards fully implementing the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy

  • Adapted for students to suit their learning needs


  • Students complete one or two assessments for each subject each term

  • Students submit work and receive feedback from their teachers

  • Semester reports give feedback to parents on their child/children’s progress

  • Assessments track student attainment of the Australian Curriculum

  • Parent / teacher interviews are offered to provide feedback to parents

  • All students are able to complete the NAPLAN testing


A habit is a propensity to respond to a given situation in a certain way. The more deeply ingrained the habit, the more consistent the response will be. We tend to do what we have always done. And this can work for or against us.

Specific habits include focussed attention, neat and accurate work, courtesy and respect, and emotionally staying your best self.


CMC offers Distance Education students RAD – our Regional Activity Days.

RAD is offered in different regions over the term. Parents and students can connect with other families. These days are optional.


CMC has learning support staff that work to support parents and staff to provide the best learning journey.

We ask that new parents fully disclose learning needs at the enrollment interview so we can provide the best start to their learning journey at the college.