We at CMC we have two types of students and families, On Campus and Distance Education. Even though we are not all together on campus, we are still a school community. We are active in pursuing a unified, cohesive, relational college community.


At CMC, We Strive To Develop Community In The Following Ways

  • Regular parent – students – staff connection opportunities
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Regional Activity Days (RAD) for DE students
  • The Charlotte Chronicle – a regular newsletter for Parents and families
  • Facebook
  • Inclusive excursions
  • Special Events & Celebrations
  • Connection to our local community via local churches, youth centres and retirement homes

Pastoral Care

  • Pastoral care begins with our Charlotte Mason philosophy. We work with the ‘whole child’. We are all here to support young people to learn, develop and mature on their path to adulthood. The young person’s wellbeing and emotional development is central to this journey.
  • Our educational philosophy emphasises the processes of ‘learning how to learn’ and ‘loving to learn’. Therefore, it is designed to inherently speak to, and affirm the student, and create a caring, engaging learning environment that is also academically rigorous.
  • Small On Campus classes with a maximum of 18 students per class to enhance relationships between students and staff.
  • All staff meet daily to pray for and with each other, CMC students and their families.


We love having volunteers.

For more information about volunteering at CMC please contact us.


Regular Parent support is a feature of our Distance Education program through dedicated Parent Check-in training sessions, discussions with our Learning Support advisors, direct connection to Teachers and Learning Support staff, and attendance at our Regional Activity Days.